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Fundraising Success Stories
Read what our customers had to say about their Virescent campaigns! Each of these schools sold our
in-stock Shoppers through their web storefront and some also added a custom Shopper to give their
supporters more products to choose from.
Mason Pilot School, Roxbury, Massachusetts
Grades PK-5 | 200 students |
"Our families were thrilled to support a fundraiser that offered an eco-friendly and stylish product. And our customized school branded "Boston" Shopper was a big success!"
Cara Gillis, Fundraising Coordinator
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Bear Tavern School, Titusville, New Jersey
Grades K-5 | 564 students |
"Virescent captured our enthusiasm for our School Garden Program and translated it onto a uniquely designed eco-tote. This fundraiser reflects both the kids and parents pride in our Garden."
Chris DeFrancesco-Butrym, Fundraising Coordinator
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Lyme School, Lyme, Connecticut
Grades K-12 | 700 students |
"It started off as an eco-friendly fundraising campaign to benefit just our elementary school. As word spread, our principal loved the idea of running a district-wide campaign. Thanks to Virescent's support, we were able to launch our
campaign throughout our 5 school district. And we were able gave a portion of the proceeds to our High School's 'Safe Graduation Party'."
"The "Lyme is Good" custom eco-tote along with the very attractive and professional e-marketing tools that Virescent designed, made it so easy to spread the word to over 800 families in our district! These bags are just stunning and practically sold themselves."
Virginie de Landevoisin, Fundraising Coordinator
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Sacred Heart School, Bangor, Pennsylvania
Grades K-8 | 186 students |
"We had a budget gap and made a snap decision to run one more fundraiser for the year. Virescent's easy and simple solution allowed us to earn the money we needed for our class trip within 3 weeks!"
Chrissy Wachter, HSA Secretary
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Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet School,
San Diego, Callifornia
Grades K-4 | 174 students |
"This was a perfect kick off to our Earth Day Celebration. The combination of the 'San Diego' community stamp and our school logo allowed us to reach into a wide community of supporters in our area".
Felicia Garland-Jackson, Fundraising Coordinator
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